Being a Peer Mentor

The mission of the SEMILLA Scholars Peer Mentor Program is to promote student success through intentional peer-to-peer mentoring of EOP and/or first-generation/low-income Latinx STEM students.  The program will also give mentors the opportunity to support and coach first-year scholars towards their personal and academic goals.


Program Objectives
  • To help retention of SEMILLA scholars to stay in STEM and graduate from UCSC.
  • To help the transition of first-year students to a university, learn to navigate university resources, systems, and climate.
  • To create a connection and provide support for students who would benefit from a peer-mentoring program.
  • To give mentors an opportunity to support first-year students, while gaining an understanding of mentorship, retention, equity-work, and diversity and inclusion in STEM.
  • For mentors and mentees to develop genuine rapport and a mutually-beneficial mentoring relationship.  


SEMILLA Scholars Peer-Mentors Testimonials

Being a SEMILLA Scholar Peer Mentor has allowed me to be part of the life of amazing students who want a better future for themselves, their families, and their communities.”
I am a SEMILLA Scholar Peer Mentor because it is a way for me to share with students and my community the experiences, knowledge, wisdom, and tools that I have developed over the years as an undergrad student.  It allows me to guide students on how to navigate the university educational and social systems in order for them to have a rich and memorable experience here at UCSC.”

Meet More of the Mentors here.


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Time Commitment  

10 hours a week / 100 hours for the Quarter


Peer-Mentors Job Duties Description

  • Mentorship (Mentors are assigned up to 10 SEMILLA Scholars)
  • Mentor Meetings/ Team Bonding (group weekly staff meetings)
  • Reporting/Reflections (mentors will fill out a Reflection of their mentee)
  • EOP STEM Counselor Check-Ins (mentors will meet with assigned EOP STEM Counselor 3 times a quarter)
  • Attending Events (three different workshops/ events for professional development opportunities and to represent SEMILLA Scholars)
  • On-Going Training (required training to attend such as CPR or online training)
  • Administrative Tasks (as assigned)


Interested in being a SEMILLA Scholars Peer Mentor? We hire every year during Winter Quarter for the following academic year. Look out for the job description on the ER System.